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I graduated with a BTh. from college and married my college sweetheart in 1989. I went to work for a national carpet steam cleaning company in Regina, Sask.    Later I worked as a custodian for Gov't of Canada.  While working for a major manufacturing company I was Chairman of the Health and Safety Committee. Part of my responsibilities included teaching WHIMIS to over 300 people. I was made keenly aware of the need to be educated about the products we use at home and in the workplace. I also saw a shift in people's thinking about chemicals and how we need to limit them in our lives. This motivated me to seek people friendly products without compromising the ability to clean.


After moving to Kamloops and falling in love with the people and country side we knew we wanted to put down some roots. In 2003 I bought Bio-Dry Carpet Services then I changed the name to Dry in Kamloops. I have transformed it into a mainly referral based clientele (90-95% of my clients are repeat or have been referred to me). Starting with one machine I now have 8 machines and 4 methods of cleaning, each one ensures the job gets done right. Also, there won't be a machine malfunction that leaves you having to rearrange your busy schedule. 

In 2013 I was awarded the Number One Carpet Cleaner by the readers of The Daily News and hope to continue with that service.

And beyond

All good things only get better. Effective March 31st 2024 I am slowing my business down. I'm discontinuing residential cleaning and will focus on my commercial cleaning business.

You may be thinking, "Why would he be retiring during the busiest part of the year?" Well, you may not be a fisherman and know that the ice comes off beginning in April. I forgive you.

Thanks everyone, I truly will miss my clients who have been there these many years. It's been common for me to clean for the grand parents, parents, kids, aunts and uncles of the same family. You have made a deep impact upon my time in Kamloops.

Ken Mickalishen, Owner

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