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 By using Host, your carpets are cleaned in four separate stages

How Is It Done?

My primary cleaning system is the Host Cleaning System. It is the system I recommend for residential use when the carpets need to be dry immediately and when there are issues of sensitivity to  traditional cleaning methods.

All the products that are used have the highest environmental standards. The sponge is repurposed and containers are recycled. Very little waste is generated with this method.

My first step is a thorough vacuuming, followed by prespraying of an enzyme based cleaner. This enzyme breaks down oils, food spills, pet accidents, and continues to work 36 hours after.

The  Host product is an open cellulose sponge, some have likened it to looking like brown sugar . When it is scrubbed into the carpet it deep cleans the fibres brushing away any dirt. The dirt is lifted up and away from the fibre instead of pushed deeper down.

The sponge is then vacuumed out and you are left with carpet that you can walk on right away.It also means stains are lifted out of the carpet so they don't return. Your traffic areas are brushed clean and the carpet pile is rejuvenated.

I recommend a solid vacuuming after the cleaning.


Designed for:

All People

All Creatures

All Spills

The products and methods used are designed for everyday life.

Most types of stains can be removed if handled properly as soon as they occur. Urine, fecal matter, wine, grease, blood, pet's bringup, and food spills are things I see on a daily basis (and people said I would never amount to anything). All of these stains can be cleaned without reocuring. If you're in doubt as to what to do please call me.

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