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 Dry carpets after cleaning means getting back to business

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Areas are on a quote basis, but are based upon .20 to .24 per square foot.

My current client list includes: medical/dental offices, legal firms, accounting firms, property management  companies, financial institutions, restaurants, restoration companies, salons, general space offices, law enforcement and many more.

I can clean even the biggest areas including multi-level care homes, apartment buildings, call centres, and retail spaces.


Work and Production Spaces

The Von Schrader Mach 12 is one of the fastest dry extraction cleaning systems around. As it's name suggests, it is rated for 12,000 square feet per hour, making even the largest jobs easy to handle. All detergents used are safe to use yet are powerful enough for even the toughest dirt. Dry time is about an hour, perfect for hallways and common areas with high traffic.


The LMX is the baby brother to the Mach 12. Perfect for smaller offices with lots of traffic, it can maneuver around any desk or file cabinet and scrubs away dirt and stains.

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