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 Dry carpets after cleaning means
you have time to enjoy your home

Residential Cleaning

Pricing is based upon the square foot. All prices are based on the average sized house (1200 square foot on the main floor). All prices are to be used as a guide and subject to GST. Minimum call is $85.

For three bedroom traffic areas it costs about $70 dollars, if you want the bedrooms done complete it is $100. People often have offices as substitutes and for bigger master bedrooms add $15 to the price.

Living room / dining room  combinations are about $110. A hall will cost about $5-$10.

An average flight of stairs is $42 and a landing is $7.

Family rooms and rec rooms vary with every house and range from $65 to $95. These are usually bigger areas and may include a small t.v. room and a bedroom.

Residential Carpets

Residential Cleaning will not be available after March 31st 2024

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